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At MindBodyFit we teach fundamental bodyweight strength and flexibility exercises to help you move better, feel better, and be ready to take on your day!

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With a Strong WHY and a Smart PLAN Anything Is Possible

We'll Help You...

Set a Goal

We can help you move better, look better, and feel better 

Assess Your Level

We'll assess your strength, flexibility, and endurance to find your level

Create a Plan

We'll then create a plan and a schedule you that works for you

We Know It Can Be Tough

It's hard to make these kinds of changes when there's already million things going on. When you don't know what to do you end up going about it the hard way. We don't want you to get hurt and we don't want to you to struggle.

That's Why We've Learned From Industry Leaders

and that's why we continue to keep learning to deliver the best personal training experience

We Provide Expert Fitness Advice

however you'd like to receive it

One on One Personal Training

One on One Training is the safest and most effective way to jumpstart your progress.  You'll have our complete attention to make sure we're doing everything we can to get you to the next level

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Semi Private Fitness Training

Semi Private Training is a great way to create positive change along side of your friends and family.  Get your workout partners and come in together for a great workout and quality time connecting

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Online Custom Fitness Plans Available

Our Online Fitness Plans are perfect for people who are too busy to make the in person sessions but still want an expert's advice on what to do when they go to the gym.  We provide the plan and instruction, you execute

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"Wanted to find a personal trainer that focused on flexibility and strength and when i found mindbodyfit i was sold. Great workouts and great laughs. Most importantly, Khatchig makes exercising fun! You gotta come get a free consultation"


"I came to train with Khachig i feel the difference in my body. Ive lost weight and im feeling a lot stronger. Great studio and awesome trainers"


"Khatchig personalizes your workout according to your goals and your abilities with a great knowledge of a variety of training approaches, even for the least experienced folks. The training space is built for a personalized workout that can adapt to whatever training activity needs to be done."


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Life is Moving Fast. Keep Moving with it!

Having a healthy body is probably the number one thing people want most. And you know what, it's not that hard to get it. With the right plan and loving support, anything is possible.