Our Mission and The Values That We Stand By



Which Do You Prefer?

  • Tightness or Mobility?
  • Pain or Relief?
  • Being Weak or Being Strong?
  • No Control or Complete Control?


Me too!


Those questions are no brainers because we're naturally programed to gravitate to Well-Being.  

If we're not feeling Well, then that's a sign that we are doing something wrong.  

You're Body is a system built on another system built on another system. It's constantly adapting through a process of Neural Plasticity, and becoming better at what you ask it to do.

The behaviors we take everyday become habits that run on auto pilot

When you become deliberate with your habits, then you Thrive!

Then our path is easy...

Do Less of What Feels Bad


More Of What Feels Good!

Hi, My name is Khatchig and I'm the Head Coach Here at MindBodyFit

I've been fascinated with the Mind and Body connection for as long as I can remember.

After my initial studies in cognitive science and learning about the brain and the way the mind works, I went on to study the body and the wonderful world of movement and exercise.

Over the last 5 years I've studied and practiced everything I can get my hands on to help me feel better and more alive

I'm a certified Personal Trainer

I'm a certified Sports and Exercise Nutritionist

I'm a certified Health Coach

A master practitioner of NLP

I'm a GMB Trainer

I have a degree in Cognitive Science

And I've spend 1000's of hours studying everything from Tai Chi to Gymnastics Strength training


After all these years I learned that Health and Wellness is built on these 4 Pillars


Specifically developing a growth mindset.  Really embracing the idea that you can learn and accomplish anything 


You're body was meant to move around.  But these days, we're asked to sit down for many hours a day.  We need to balance that out with exercise and movement


You're body and brain are a united and sophisticated machine and they need the proper fuel and nutrients to function properly


Just like everything else, your body goes through cycles, you need to appreciate where you are and work when you need to work, and rest when you need to rest

Our Mission Is To Help You Realign With What's Important

Freedom to be the real you

We believe in physical autonomy.  Having the freedom to choose, to move, to help, to play.  Our bodies are how we interface with reality. And with a strong healthy body we have the freedom we need

Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Contribute

Adaptation is the most natural thing.  It's happening all the time. We are on a mission to the best version of ourselves, to expand our mind and body and to become who were are truly meant to be

Joy and Happiness, cause that's why we came here

Life is supposed to be fun, it's supposed to feel good.  When we learn how to find relief from what's not working and build systems to perpetuate what is, then life really becomes fun.

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"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton


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