From Desire to Manifestation... 3 steps to make stuff happen

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2016



Do you have a specific goal in mind you want to accomplish?

Maybe you want to lose some weight, maybe you want to move better, or maybe you just want to feel healthier and happier...

Have you started working on it yet?

How is it going?

Are you making progress?

Do you have a plan?

If you have something in mind your working on and it’s not really making much progress then I’ve got a couple ideas for you that I believe will help out

In this article I’m going to share with you 3 strategies to plan and build momentum towards that goal...

-1- First of all ask yourself… Why do I want this?

What triggered me to realize that I want this thing? Did you wake up one morning with back pain and decided that your too young to be having back pain?

Or were you doing something you really enjoyed, present in the moment, when you realized how much fun your having being in your body engaging with life when you decided this is fun, "I’d like more of this"

Emotions are the fuel for any goal… And even though a negative emotion can motivate you to take an action, they never have enough energy to sustain long lasting change.

On the other hand, positive emotions have enough ‘umf' to take you all the way and back.

So step 1 is to get clear on WHY you want this thing… Connect this goal, this desire, to your Joy, to your Identity, to your Purpose, then the energy that you call forward will take you to places you never imagined.

So step one: Ask yourself WHY do I want this thing. Not why you don’t want the thing thats happening now…

There’s a difference between saying yes to what you want and no to what you don’t want. Focus! Get clarity on your WHY, it will really serve you.


2- Focus on the WHAT… You need to develop some mental skills in order to do this. One of the most productive mental skills you can develop is your imagination.

Transport yourself to the future…

What’s there?
What does it feel like?
What’s different from here and now?
What’s your day like?
What are the ways your showing up different?
What new movement are you a part of?

Really start building the scene and feel what it would feel like to really accomplish this goal… Start constructing the new story. Play with it long enough until you feel the INSPIRATION to act!

Get Excited!! Most people don’t allow themselves the joy of feeling the feelings before it becomes real. But if you don’t know what its going to feel like, if your not excited about it, then as soon as it gets hard, your going to think “ah this isn’t worth it”.

Yes, it is going to be challenging... and if you don’t Plan, Prepare, and Commit to it, then its going to fall short. Don’t force it, let it be a natural unfolding. Play with it long enough until your inspired to take an action. If you don’t do this work before you start taking action, then your really not setting the foundation for you to build off of…


The prep work is a skill, and your imagination is a muscle that you need to develop. Once you’ve played with it long enough, let the first action be to break the goal down into the skills and daily actions necesarry to make it happen

3- Break the bigger goal down into the smaller componenets

Lets just say you want to lose weight and you’ve never really worked out before. You’ve never played a sport or gone to the gym, it’s not something thats come up before.

What usually happens is… Someone will have some sort of event, something unpleasant... they look in the mirror, or someone they love and care for makes a remark about how they look, or they go to the doctor and the doctor gives them some bad news, and they freak out.

In the moment they feel the motivation to act(negative emotion)… They say “I’m going to lose weight!”

Then they go straight to action, straight to the HOW...

They say "I’m going to start running and I’m going to exercise", but more often then not they have no idea what they're doing.

They jump right in without a plan. They push themselves, they bite off more than they can chew, and then the next day or the week after, when their body hurts and they’re low on fuel and their stressed out, and they jump on the scale and nothing has happened… they get discouraged and then they think "Ah I can’t do this, this isn’t for me…” and boom! that’s over.

Until the next episode when they get fired up to try again.

Now Imagine another scenario… You get that same news… You realize “I need to lose weight” but you don’t act yet. You calm down, you breathe you focus and you ask WHY do I want to lose weight? I know WHY I don’t want to have excess weight, but thats a different question… WHY do I want to have a slimmer body Why do I want to feel strong and confident? and you play with that...

Then you think, "well WHAT would that do to my life? WHAT does it look and feel like?" and you get excited, you think to yourself, "hey this is actually going to be really great, I’m going to take care of myself, I’m going to engage with life, this is going to be an expansive experience for me."

You flip the negative emotion into a positive emotion

Then, you sit down and you think this through… "What SKILLS do I need to develop? I need to learn better body mechanics if I’m going to start exercising so I can sustain my workouts, I’m going to have to learn how to prep my meals differently, I’m going to have to learn to relax and recover from my workouts, I’m going to learn how to structure my workouts so that they are sustainable but at the same time progressive and challenging."

Then you need to admit to yourself that your new to this, your going to have to take it easy, go slow, you need to develop these skills as you go, ONE at a time.

So you map it out… You create a game plan, a roadmap. You need to learn these skills in order, in a specific sequence, and each one is going to have its challenges, its going to take time until you really learn them and get in your groove.

Then open your calendar and schedule which weeks your going to work on which skills, and then when the time comes… Do it!

Line up with your WHY and WHAT and do the small step for that day, knowing that with enough small steps your going to make enough progress to get you to where you want to be.

Here’s a great infographic by Precision Nutrition to help you do exactly that… Figure out the skills, break them down into Daily Habits.

Goal-Skills-Daily Habits

Anything is possible as long as it’s in Alignment. When you have spent the time to get clarity on the WHY and the WHAT and then mapped out the HOW in a step by step plan then you’re really set up for success. Just remember its not about the outcome, its about the journey. Start with something small, test it out, build confidence in yourself and then practice it with other goals and soon you'll find yourself loving life and creating it the wat you want it to be